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Boston city skyline at duskBoston is trying to get back to normal. Stores are open. Trains are running. And today children return to school. With memories of the Newtown tragedy still fresh, and the haunting images of the Boston Marathon inescapable, teachers will be there to meet them.

No one who lived through these recent acts of violence can escape their effects. You didn’t need to be there to feel powerless in the face of such horror. Just hearing about it or seeing media images can leave bystanders questioning their ability to protect themselves and the children in their care.

Teachers are no strangers to this type of secondary trauma. Their involvement in the family life of their students takes an emotional toll on teachers- often spilling over into their personal lives. The additional stress of sustained exposure to violence increases the risk of symptoms commonly seen in trauma victims: hyper-arousal, nightmares, anxiety and…

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