Reaching & Teaching Children Who Hurt

Helping teachers and caregivers

Training Materials

Infant/Toddler Provider Training

These 10 modules cover Child Development Associate (CDA) training topics for infant and toddler teachers. Written at a sixth-grade level, these highly attractive materials average 30 pages in length. They are designed to be used over and over again for self-paced instruction or as a basis for small groups/classwork. The focus is on using the knowledge caregivers have about children to help them include children with disabilities.

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Module 1          Safety – Seeing Accidents Before They Happen

Module 2           Health – Following the Right Steps

Module 3           Environments that Say “Yes”

Module 4           Physical – Children Need to Explode

Module 5           Cognition- Children Learn by Playing

Module 6             Communication is a Two-Way Street

Module 7              Where do Children Learn Behavior

Module 8              Guidance- Behavior is a Message

Module 9               Families- Getting to the Roots

Module 10             Preventing Child Abuse

Skill Building Journals

Ten self-paced skill-building journals accompany the ten Module topics. The skill-building journals include a pre-competency assessment, various activities to reinforce the Module content (matching exercises, crossword puzzles, word jumbles, fill-in the blanks etc.), a Summarizing Progress section, and an application of knowledge and relationship to the participant’s own experience.

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Skill Building Journals 

1-  Seeing Accidents Before They Happen

2- Health – Following the Right Steps

3– Environments that Say “Yes”

4- Physical – Children Need to Explode

5-  Cognition – Children Learn by Playing

6- Communication is a Two-Way Street

7- Where do Children Learn Behavior

8- Including All Children: Guidance – Behavior is a Message

9- Families – Getting to the Roots

10- Preventing Child Abuse

Trainer’s Guide

A trainer’s guide accompanies these modules.

The Trainer’s Guide Introduction lays out the reason for inclusive child care and reviews the materials and process for training groups or individuals.

This guide contains ideas, content, and handouts for 90 minute workshops or self-paced instruction: one for each Module topic.

Trainer guidelines for moving participants through workshop or self-paced studies, along with post-competency assessment and observation forms are included.

Both a parent and a staff Orientation to Disability one hour workshop content is outlined with handouts.

The Guide is 3-hole punched.

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Including All Children Trainer’s Guide for Infant and Toddler Teachers EC#1229DVD $50

Including All Children Trainer’s Guide for Pre-K Teachers (Coming soon)

Including All Children Trainer’s Guide for Out of School Teachers (In development)


Including All Children: Using the Skills You Already Possess
AGH Associates, Inc.

Item # EC1227 $65.00
This six minute DVD provides the initial insight into including children in child care settings. Journey through typical childcare settings to see how best practices support all children, including those with disabilities. This DVD accompanies the Including All Children Orientation to Disability workshops (see Trainer’s Guide) and Infant/Toddler teacher training. View Sample DVD.

It’s Really No Different: Conversations with Caregivers
AGH Associates, Inc.
Item # EC1229DVD $65.00 or
Item # EC1229VHS $20.00
A seventeen minute DVD of caregivers who have been through the process of including all children. They discuss their experiences, both in centers and in their homes. We hear them speak to their initial fears, their difficult times, and their success in opening their classrooms and homes to all children. View Sample DVD.


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